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Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) provides education and conducts research in the fields of circus, dance, dance pedagogy, film, media, opera, performing arts and acting. Through our pioneering educational programmes and research, we aim to strengthen the power and ability of art to interact with and respond to challenges of society today. Our artistic research environment offers unique opportunities for in-depth studies, as well as for creating interdisciplinary artistic projects.

Would you like to make your own contribution to an attractive study, research and work environment? Here at Stockholm University of the Arts, you will be an important part of this critical and inclusive environment. Through innovative arenas for tomorrow's leading artists, researchers and educators, we contribute on an artistic basis to an active dialogue with the surrounding society. Together we carry a culture with a strong sense of we that is characterized by responsibility, trust and commitment where differences are utilized.

The employment is at the University College of Opera. Learn more about the department:

The University College of Opera, Stockholm, hereby invites applications for the position of professor/associate professor of musical performance, with a specialisation in conducting. The post is a fixed-term position.

The University College of Opera, Stockholm (OHS), educates singers, directors and répétiteurs on the first and second cycle level and offers single-subject courses in singing and directing in the field of opera. The average number of full-time equivalent students is 38. OHS also conducts research and offers Ph.D. studies in the subject of opera, and carries out a number of artistic development projects.

OHS is currently in a dynamic period of development and change and is therefore seeking new teachers to contribute to its artistic expansion. Thanks to the emerging environment for artistic research at the Stockholm University of the Arts (Uniarts), OHS now has a unique opportunity to promote education in the field of opera and to establish cross-disciplinary contexts and collaborative efforts, a natural component of the tradition and development of the art of opera.


The position as professor includes teaching and supervising on all levels (first, second and third cycle), research and development work, administrative work and co-operation with the surrounding community. Other responsibilities include following developments in the field and in society in general that affect the work of the university. As professor you will be expected to take part in promoting research and other developments at Uniarts. Other aspects include working for a common culture of openness and collaboration and helping to establish a good academic environment. Research and development constitute 20% of a professor’s working hours according to university agreements.

Other duties include:

  • Teaching and supervising students of all levels in musical performance, and taking part in productions within the programme
  • Conducting individual artistic research
  • Co-operation with teachers in the fields of musical drama and musical performance and in other fields at Uniarts 
  • Participating in relevant faculty meetings and educational discussions
  • Promoting good contact with the world of opera and following national and international developments in opera
  • Furthering research and development in the field
  • Actively participating in Uniart’s doctoral education


Those who have demonstrated both teaching skills and artistic skills are eligible for the position. Artistic skills on the level of professor mean being prominent in one’s field, active on the highest international level and having broad as well as deep knowledge of both traditional and contemporary opera.

Teaching skills on the level of professor mean the ability to develop, lead and implement education of superior quality on various levels and participation in research related to basic and advanced education, or equivalent skills demonstrated in artistic contexts outside the university.

Applicants should likewise have the personal skills necessary to carry out the responsibilities well and be able to represent the university in a way that benefits its activities.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria for the position as professor will be the degree to which the candidate has the necessary skills for the job, that is his or her artistic and teaching skills. Completed university teacher training or the equivalent will be viewed as to the candidate’s advantage. For this position the following assessment criteria will apply, in order of priority:

• Artistic skills: a leader in the field (musical performance), with the quality of activities on the highest international level and with deep and broad knowledge of the field

• Teaching skills: documented experience of building up, developing, leading and carrying out education of superior quality on various levels and participation in research related to basic and advanced education, or equivalent skills demonstrated in artistic contexts outside the university

• Experience of and the ability to actively contribute to artistic research and development

• The ability to express oneself in speech and writing in Swedish and/or English

• Administrative skills, including co-operative and organisational abilities • The ability to co-operate with the surrounding community

Position information

The position comprises 40-50% of a full-time post and has a fixed term of three years, with a possibility of extension without renewed application procedure up to a maximum of six years. At minimum of 20% artistic research is included in the post. Beginning date according to agreement.

If no applicant fulfils the requirements of professor, the position may be changed to apply to an associate professor.

The Stockholm University of the Arts is keen to have staff of diverse backgrounds and skills. We especially welcome candidates who complement our organisation with regard to gender equality and ethnic diversity.

Application information Applications must arrive no later than 2015-09-15. If you wish to refer to enclosures that cannot be sent via our online recruitment system, please send them in three identical copies by post to Stockholm University of the Arts, Box 24045, 104 50 Stockholm, marked with registration no. 2015/702/2.2.1.

The application should contain:

A CV/resume and copies of degrees and other documents supporting the application Presentation of artistic skills
Presentation of teaching skills
Presentation of administrative experience
Personal letter describing your thoughts on the subject of opera, its content and development 

For more information on applications and application procedure, see Uniart’s appointment procedure and teaching portfolio (available at

Type of employment Temporary position
Contract type Part-time
First day of employment According by agreement
Salary Fixed monthly salary
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 40-50 %
City Stockholm
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2015/702/2.2.1
  • Anna Lindal, professor, 08- 49 400 295
  • Anne-Lee Lindgren, HR-specialist, 08-49 400 277
Published 17.Jun.2015
Last application date 15.Sep.2015 11:59 PM CEST

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